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In 2005 Ernest opened Davenport Violin & Bow.  He acquires instruments for restoration and resale and performs repairs for local customers, as well as for other violin shops in the Pacific Northwest.  He enjoys working one on one with all levels of musicians to meet their individual needs and is committed to continuing his careful study of restorative techniques so that he can perform the best possible repairs for his customers


From 1997 until 2005 Ernest worked at Lundin's Violins.  While at Lundin's, he received his initial training in bowed instrument set up and repair from Jim Kytonen, and bow rehairing from Tim Barber.


Prior to and during his training in violin and bow repair at Lundin's, Ernest completed the Roberto Venn instrument building and repair course in Phoenix, Arizona, violin and bow building workshops at Bernard Michaudís mill in Fertans, France (Bois de Lutherie), and summer violin repair workshops with Horst Kloss at the University of New Hampshire, honing the necessary skills for high end repairs as well as gaining further insights into building.













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