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Photo Gallery

Completing Repairs on the J.F. Breton

Removed top, revealing past repairs to belly of violin


Reinforcing table cracks by inlaying patch wood at end and neck block locations


Patches completed


Rib work in progress


Ribs shortened, rejoined and reglued to original endblock


Completed rib work


Neck work in progress (adding new wood to heel)


Measurements taken after neck reset on G-string side


Measurements taken after neck reset on E-string side


Completed touch up of new wood at heel, E-string side


Completed touch up of new wood at heel, G-string side


Preparing spiral bushing to reinforce scroll cracks between A and D peg holes


Completion of spiral bushing at A peg


Spiral bushing at A peg (E-string side)


Endgrain bushing at G and E  pegs


Combination spiral/endgrain bushing at D peg and touch up completed


  Touch up at A and D peg (G-side) 


Existing rosewood pegs refit and aligned.


Close up view inside peg box and string alignment


Neck thickness of handle measured toward body after fingerboard planed


Neck thickness at handle measured near volute after fingerboard planed


New bridge and soundpost cut and set up to play



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